Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Don't Know Me By: David Klass

John tells his life story, his mother meeting another man, who he calls the man who is not my father. The man who is not his father beats him, abuses him and uses him. At school its not much better, when John asks out Gloria (his crush) she says yes but then takes him to the basement and they get caught and she blames him. After that John couldn't feel any worse but when he is asked out by Violet Hayes who plays Saxophone in the band John plays Tuba in. When John says yes they go to the dance together and they see Gloria who yells at John but they Violet saves John. Finally the man who is not his father is caught by John's mother beating John. John is hospitalized and the man who is not his father finally goes away.


dearadrixx said...

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Meg said...

John wasn't found being beaten by his mother, His band teacher came up while John was being beaten and then, the band teacher started yelling at the man who is not John's father and called the police and fought him off of John. Then John is later in the hospital and that's when his mother finds out what the man who is not John's father really had been doing to John the whole time. John then tells his mother that he didn't tell her about the abuse, because he was afraid she would chose the man who is not John's father over John.